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Kameari Jet Block


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Does anyone use their Jet Block unit in their Mikuni PHH 44s? I am experimenting with it and can't get it dialed it at the autocross. With the volent transititions from acceleration to deceleration and left to right, the block appears to be flooding over. My air/fuel ratio meter looks good. On the street it works fine, but at the track it seems to choke on itself.

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Ah OK Curtis, I know the part you mean.

I'm always slightly reluctant to get involved in making suggestions or recommendations in relation to carburettor setting and jettings online. Its seems a Damned-If-You-Do, Damned-If-You-Don't no-win situation to me. You know just as well as I do that there are too many case-by-case variables in each individual application, and that typing a few words on this screen isn't necessarily going to convey what you are experiencing let alone the results that you might be aiming at.

However, why don't you start by telling us what you had in the carbs before? Were they 'OA' or '8' emulsion tubes? When you changed to the new emulsion tubes, did you change or tweak anything else on the carbs?

And did you speak to Kameari when you bought the new emulsion tubes? I'm wondering if they gave you any advice? Or maybe you bought the Kameari parts from Pit Road or somebody else?

PM me if you want to take this offline.


Alan T.

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