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Can't get the pipe onto the header


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Hi All,

I just got a new Pacesetter exhaust pipe and muffler. I got the old pipe off OK. The original header remains. And the new pipe is made for the original header. I widened the mouth of the the new pipe a bit and it will go on to the header only about an eigth of an inch. I struggled with it for four hours. I used grease to try to amke it slip on easier. It still won't go on any more than an eigth of an inch. My arms and back are sore.

Any ideas?


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When you say original header do you mean the cast iron header? With any exhaust system, when you install it you should start at the engine and work your way back. Custom exhausts are built like this and when installing a pre-bent system installing from the engine back will save you a lot of headache (or in your case back-ache). For what it's worth your not the only one that has had problems installing an exhaust "kit". If worst comes to worst then take it to a muffler shop where they can make the proper bends in the tube for a better fit.

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