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Removing Head Rest


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Hi people

How do you remove the front seats headrest? I cant find any release button. Is it possible? I saw something in the owners manual that you can adjust the headrest lower or higher but it doesnt say anything about how you can adjust em.

I want to put my new seat cover and I have to take the headrest off first.


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You just pull the headrest up to adjust it! There is no button. To completely remove it...... I did it once. I think you just sortof have to wobble it out... I looked in my Service Manual for a proper explanation but it's not in there. I'll have a look, you can remove it, just have to get it at teh right angle.

Hope that helped :ermm:

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I was reading my owners manual and I got two of them, one stated you can adjust the headrest and the other stated that you cant well obviously I cant adjust my headrest as I've been trying to take them off for the last two days after work.

What I've heard from other cars with non-adjustable headrest is you have to disassemble the seat and somehow open it from the back and there's a locking mechanism below the two metal bars of the headrest.

Why the hell did they do this? too much fu*king around to just take the damn headrest off.

anyone got more easier ideas to take this thing off without damaging anything.

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This is strange. Yours is a '73 isn't it? Should be the same as mine. And I remember taking off my headrests at some stage. It took a while, but it was possible.

Can you adjust them up and down now? Or can't you move them at all? If I remember I'll have a look at my car tomorrow and see if I can work out what technique I used last time :stupid:

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Mine's 77

I can't adjust the headrest at all

so what I did was removed the back cover of the front seats and theres a locking mechanism below the metal bar of the headrest. So i loosen that with a srew driver by just pushing it out and pushed the two bars upwards and it came off.

now I got my synthetic vinyl seat covers!

I'll take photos of the new seat covers, they were originally for lancer because they dont make 240K seat covers, but i managed to fit them nicely.

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