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Show in NC, SC or GA

77 Z

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Are there any shows in SC NC or GA . I seem to be in an area where there is little interest in Z cars..the new ones are all over the place , am I looking in the wrong places or does anyone know..Fl is not all that far away but Orlando is 8 hrs from Columbia SC... and thats a pretty good haul for one show...

I think the closest Z car club is in Charlotte....

I need help...

77 Z

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Hi 77Z, yes there are shows-and interest in your area, Atlanta has a strong Z-club, Georgia Z Car Club,and meets monthly, as well as having several outings-of one nature or another-in the course of a year.

There was also a good club in NC, Triangle Z car club or. Both of those clubs have come to Savannah to run at Roebeling Road.

I am going to get up the nerve to start the Coastal Georgia Z-car Club at some point-I have threatened several times, but life has successfully gotten in the way! Maybe to start the Club, I should arange a meet here in Savannah, and check into what it takes to secure Roebelling Road-although a caravan of Z-cars going to Tybee Island would be good too!


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