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HELP PLEASE!!! Good places for sump work?


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hey all,

As very few of you will know, i'm currently doing the rb20det swap. and am at the modify the sump point, contrary to popular rumor, you can't just take it off spin it 180 deg and put it back on, the ends are a slightly different shape with different screw holes,

and rather than just welding it on, i'd like to do this the right way.

So i went and was quoted $400 by places to cut top inch or two off the sump (screwwhole layer etc) and swing THAT around and weld it back on... thus being able to bolt it on again.

$400 is pretty ridiculous so Can anyone here point me to someone in South East Queensland that can do this cheaper? Or anyone on these forums with a TIG or something, and capable of doing the cut and weld - i will pay you

Please help asap!, Charles

you can contact me here, on walkingpig@hotmail.com. and 0419993515


off topic - mods - is there a blacklist of people you've dealt with regarding Zcars? i have someone to add that has conned, and stolen from me that i dont want other people to have to find out the hard way over.....

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