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240Z Stock Exhaust`


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Looking for the downpipe, that bolts to the exhaust manifold and the exhaust middle section, for a 1971 240Z. I tried using the section from a '74 260Z but it's longer and makes the exhaust section ride too low. If anyone has one in CA that is in OK shape with no holes, please let me know. Thanks.

Rick Levitt



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Unless your goal is factory exact, muffler shops can make thoses pieces.Used equipment is already at risk of failure and would be my last choice.Exhaust systems are something I've learned to let the man with the right tools perform.Trying to balance,bend and seat while tightening a clamp,without a lift----no thanks.Just my 2cent. Have Fun!! Daniel

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i've gotta agree with Daniel here! Having replaced my 73 exhaust 7 or 8 years ago- totally stock- it took 3 or 4 weeks for parts orders, and almost $300.

In retrospect, i really wish i'd had my local exhaust shop build a custom system- would have cost a bit less, alot faster, and probably be more functional. For now i'll just wait for what i have to fail. Good luck, JA

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