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Left Head Light (Dim)


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I had a similar problem, the headlight almost seemed to glow orange. After lots of $$$ spent changing parts I found that is was something very simple. In my situation it was the fuse holder that had separated over time. If you are not comfortable around the fuses disconnect the battery first. Don't use metal tools near the fuse box unless you are planning on doing some welding! ;-)

Take out the fuse for the headlight in question and gently bend the fuse holders slightly toward each other. It doesn't take much, just enough to make the fuse fit tightly in place. This did the trick for mine! I would recommend changing the fuse, even if it looks okay as long as you are there.

If this doesn't work than it is probably a bad ground or something in the wireing between your headlight and fuse. In that case disconnect the wire harness blug for the head light, get out your multimeter and start testing.

I hope it as something as simple as mine!

Have fun!

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