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  1. Hello from Albuquerque

    Good to see another NM'er on this forum. I moved from ABQ to Tijeras about 3 years ago. Lets see a pic of your '72...Robert
  2. Its 240z

    What a great looking car, congrats...Robert
  3. Those Darn Miatas

    OK, sorry, my bad, Title should be: Those Darn Mazdas... Darrel, the Spec 7 in your pic was in my run group at La Junta, he's pretty quick...Robert
  4. Those Darn Miatas

    We had a low car count at the Double Regional in La Junta, CO on 06/19/10, so all fendered cars were grouped together, my first time racing with the Spec Miatas. My favorite pic:
  5. June Sprints-Road America

    Good Luck, Kick Butt, wish I lived closer...Robert
  6. Brake Ducts - MSA Urethane Air Dam

    Preith, I can kinda see it in that pic, mostly I see you dogging a 911... I was hoping that since the MSA air dam was pretty popular, that I wouldn't have to fab something up myself, but it doesn't seem like there's anything readily available. Oh well, wish I wouldn't have crunched my old spoiler last year. Thanks for your help...Robert
  7. I recently bought an MSA Urethane Air Dam for my '72 ITS 240-Z to replace the custom spoiler that I cracked last year. Is anyone running ducting from the MSA air dam back to their rotors? If so, what did you attach to the back of the air dam? Thanks...Robert
  8. Datsun 280ZX

    Datsun 280ZX
  9. Datsun 240Z

    Datsun 240Z
  10. Datsun 240Z

    Datsun 240Z
  11. Mark & Wayne, great shots! Congrats to Greg, thanks for keeping the Z up front...Robert
  12. Finally: New Z Owner in New Mexico

    Welcome, always happy to see another NMer on the list. Much nicer without the rear wing...Robert
  13. Double @ Infineon

    Congrats on your double wins, great looking car (Yellow 240-Z Race Cars Rule)...Robert
  14. 1972 240Z in Albuquerque

    Well? Don't give us that "work" excuse...Robert