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  1. Emission parts from from air galley

    Thanks Patcon
  2. Brake upgrade

    So bottomline my car is not used for any racing purpose. I do speed it everytime i can at the highway and just want a firm and precise stop without getting into a conversión that is not needed. Based on my needs which most of all concern safety in the event that some crazy driver shows up and i need to stop the car immediately. Any better brake pads, hoses or drum shoes i should consider?
  3. Emission parts from from air galley

    Should i only buy this A/F Meter or is there a kit that comes with other accesories which are needed? At the moment i only use a synchometer and colortune gunson to adjust my carbs: https://www.amazon.com/Latest-Rage-Deluxe-Carburetor-Airflow/dp/B00CMC57R0/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_263_bs_t_1/143-7727567-6037105?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=7E5HJJ0TY1ZKGRG0YN3V https://www.amazon.com/Colortune-for-14mm-Spark-Plug/dp/B000E9VGNM/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1513270323&sr=1-1&keywords=colortune Is this really accurate?
  4. Brake upgrade

    I only use this car on weekends to cruise but would like to have a better response during braking. Would you still recommend doing the brake drum conversion at the rear or would it be greatly improved by just having better brake pads?
  5. Brake upgrade

    Isnt there any bolt on no modification rear disc brake conversion for my 1972 240z?
  6. Emission parts from from air galley

    I have only the stock exhaust single tip
  7. Emission parts from from air galley

    Is this one fine or should i get a better one more accurate?
  8. Emission parts from from air galley

    The car needs to be tested at heavy stop and go traffic. The floats were set at the correct level. No overflowing
  9. Emission parts from from air galley

    I guees if the emission system was removed, everything related must be dumped. If there is no advantage on the car performance either at idle during traffic or while speeding above 3000 rpm there is no point on staying with that system
  10. Emission parts from from air galley

    PO removed the smog pump. I am still searching the cause of vacuum leak. This car must be able to handle toughest traffic jam without stalling and avoiding the plugs getting filled with carbon.
  11. While taking my manifold for resurfacing and replacing new bolts and screws, i discover 6 metal tubes from the former air galley that were about to fall inside. Will i need these tubes further or should i dump them? Any advantages on installing the emission parts back?
  12. Regulator / Gauge - Do I Need It?

    Already sprayed carb cleaner and swapped the original brake booster a year ago. Never noticed any leak.
  13. Regulator / Gauge - Do I Need It?

    Yes it just had a little of idling time at the garage and short traffic lights. I read in another forum that i could have a vacuum leak somewhere and that it be causing the plugs to foul sooty black at idle. Do you concur?
  14. Regulator / Gauge - Do I Need It?

    2.75 turns clockwise front and rear carb