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  1. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Front and rear carb at 3.5 turns clockwise. Should i keep on closing the gap between the float and lid by bending the tang a little more?
  2. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Track?? There is no reliable datsun mechanic here. I am following Mark's advice to set the floats at 2.5 turns 1/16 inch. Just remember my car has been overhauled to 2.6 liters and has a schneider 274f camshaft. Its not stock.
  3. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    i guess that with a set of pictures of both of your carbs at 2.5 turns i could undertand better what do you mean by "1/16th below the nozzle".
  4. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    10 turns clockwise lowering the jet without puddleling??
  5. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Ill take pictures as where it is right now at 3.5 turns so you can guide me
  6. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Great picture. At 2.5 turns i should be able to see some fuel over the nozzle after idling for 1 minute?
  7. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Could you be able to take some pictures of your carb nozzles at 2.5 turns clockwise? It will really help me a lot as reference.
  8. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Mark you are the best. Ill keep working on my float adjustments. Today ill crank the car at 3.5 turns and verify the level. Here i found a picture of how they were adjusted from ztherapy when sent by mail supposedly at 2.5 turns. I noticed the float is not fully straight but inclined.
  9. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Mark, At least you clearly understand my car's problem. Spark plugs turning black when idling for long time. Spark plugs turn black and when accelrating engine sputters until the spark plugs clear again.
  10. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Ok. I get your point. Do you think that when the psi was at 4 to 4.3 psi it could have affected the car performance in any way?
  11. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    At least now i know that the carbs can work with 3 psi. I can move on and continue adjusting the floats by narrowing the gap until i reach to 2.5 turns.
  12. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    At least you understand me and have patience.
  13. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Okay. Took the car for a drive at 3.5 turns clockwise. No fuel starvation whatsoever. Good response. Rpm set at 1200 at idle maybe i should lower it to 1100rpm. I have attached pics of plugs 2, 5 and 4 for your opinion on the mixture. Should i lower it to 3?
  14. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Valves were adjusted a couple of years ago by a mechanic as per schneider spec sheet attached yesterday.
  15. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I havent done a new compression test since 2 years ago. I do have noticed that if i pull the spark plug cable terminals out from each of the spark plugs when the engine is at idle there is an idle drop. The only one that does not affect the idle is spark plug number 4. Is this normal?