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  1. '90 240SX FS5W71C swap into '75 280z

    That's nice one!
  2. Looks like original Alternator. Do you have voltage regulator hanging on the passenger side of engine room? http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/11564-engine-bay-inspection-light-lenses-free/?p=137844
  3. '90 240SX FS5W71C swap into '75 280z

    I grinned touching area and primed. and spray leftover undercoat. Tranny mount is completed.
  4. '90 240SX FS5W71C swap into '75 280z

    Thanks Chas for the info! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  5. '90 240SX FS5W71C swap into '75 280z

    Finished Welding tranny mount. Fitting test. a bit touching with tranny. I need to grind the edge. by the way, which way is front?
  6. '90 240SX FS5W71C swap into '75 280z

    Now mechanical is OK. I started cleaning tranny case. Taking hot tub. over night. grind sharp edge Masking it. and paint it. I notice peach tree in my back yard grew up too much. Trim it while waiting for paint dry and finished.
  7. '90 240SX FS5W71C swap into '75 280z

    When I installed 71b Bell house, it was so tight to shift on 1st and 2nd gear. I compare with 71C and 71B bell house. Just enlarge to 16mm hole is too tight. I noticed there is some space for each rod. So, I taper cut the red section. It now easier to shift.
  8. '90 240SX FS5W71C swap into '75 280z

    It's been awhile. Finally I re-start working on this. Remove bell house of 71C tranny and try to remove bearing. AS Zed Head mentioned, it really hard to pull bearing since there is no space for puller. At first, philip driver to open up a bit space.. Then, use hammer to open up more space... Finally, use puller to remove bearing. installation of 71b bearing is no problem.
  9. Thanks Chas! This is excellent quality products! My '75 280z fit perfect bolt location. I need clean the threads to remove paints...
  10. Hi Chas,

    Long time. Do you happen to have a spar of rear bumper bracket that i can purchase?




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    2. EuroDat


      Hi Takashi,

      I still have a couple sets complete with bolts.

      Cheers Chas

    3. tamo3


      Thanks JLP, luckily I got set from Chas! Thanks for your kindness offer.


    4. JLPurcell


      Anytime I can help!

  11. Hi Chas, Long time! Looks really good! I'm interested in Rear bumper brackets. Do you still have a pair?
  12. reproduction belt moldings

    I missed Blackdragon closing sale. Does anyone know where I can find just squeegee parts? Z Car Source does not have any in stock. http://www.zcarsource.com/door-upper-molding-rubber-seal-240z-260z-280z-70-78-new_8_56661_197483.html I'd like to follow Dave's instruction to replace squeegee.
  13. '75 280Z Headlight Relay Upgrade

    My purpose of this project is minimum change of re-wiring to improve car. If you want to re-wire everything,..... yeah, it's nice to do so. I defer to some who is willing to do so :-)
  14. '75 280Z Headlight Relay Upgrade

    ryn004, What's the purpose for? Is there any advantage? Adding headlight relay close to battery will increase brightness of headlight. Same to starter relay. But, I don't see any advantage to re-wiring fuel pump, EFI relay.
  15. Ammeter Voltmeter swap project

    10A fuse should connect to other side of IGN. I connect to fuel gauge/calibar/door.