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    first car was a '71 vw bus. Got good grades so now I got my dream car, 1973 240z.
  1. timing adjustments with electromotive

    No vacuum adv. All mechanical from stock dist. I had a Mallory dist. but the vacuum adv. pot had some issues while waiting almost 6 years for the motor (not Rebello's fault, but the company contracted to restore the car). With triples is there a base timing for idle that is different from the stack setting?
  2. Hello everyone. -I have a 3.0 motor that red lines at 7,200 rpm with triple mikuni's -I do not like the fact the tuner used a stock distributor and set the base timing at 20 degrees. The idle is not the best. -So I am going to do the electromotive XD200 programmable ignition with Hoke perf. trigger wheel/mount/etc. -Are there any timing recommendations from idle throughout the rpm range to 7,200 rpm? Thanks, GI
  3. 240Z horn points adjustment

    Good idea Capt. I will do the contact cleanup and test outside of car
  4. 240Z horn points adjustment

    SO I have 1 horn working now (adjustment screw) but the second horn would not work. I took it apart and it has a set of points in it. So I adjusted the screw all the way in but cannot get the points to separate. Are the points supposed to have some separation?
  5. 240z wiper linkage to motor detail?

    oh I know now. I took those apart and used a Crocus cloth and cleaned things up, bore brushed the bushings and synthetic grease. Good to go now. They weren't too bad. Thanks, GI
  6. 240z wiper linkage to motor detail?

    Thank you so much. Yes, I cleaned the bronze bushings well. I also bought felt washers and soaked in swepco 80-90 lube. They move well now. Thank you for the crank arm tip. I will do the clothes pin clip test first. I sure appreciate it. GI
  7. 240z wiper linkage to motor detail?

    Outstanding Namerow!! Thank you. GI
  8. 240z wiper linkage to motor detail?

    I have looked at that article but it only lets me see the first page.
  9. 1973 240Z Resto Mod for sale

    Is the car still available for sale? Thanks, GI
  10. Does anyone have a picture detail of the wiper linkage to wiper motor detail. There is a cup and spring and a few other goodies. I cannot find, in my Datsun book, any detail of the order. Thanks, GI
  11. Dome Light Help

    I have the same issue but I bought the z car depot LED dome light and it only has 2 wires from it. So how do I wire that when I have 3 for the original dome light? What a complicated wiring setup. I bought a colored elec diagram on the line, had it blown up huge and laminated. And I am still going insane because it just doesn't seem right.
  12. mallory 4763901 distributor

    If Mallory wasn't bought out by MSD I would have access to directions. The adj. vacuum on a Mallory was a small allen set screw inside the vacuum pot where the vacuum hose connected too. I just wish I had some instructions. The "Z Guy" who installed it is no longer around.
  13. I have a mallory dist for my 240Z. It is the mechanical and vacuum adv. type. Does anyone know if the vacuum advance is adjustable? I cannot see inside the vacuum hose nipple if there is an allen screw inside. -Many Mallory dist. have adj. vacuum advance. Thank,s GI
  14. z parts for sale

    Hello everyone, I am near finishing a 6 year restoration and am ready to part with the extra z parts I bought and ended up not using. For starts: R200- 3.90 ring/pinion. hot tanked painted new seals/bearings (yes the snout bearing also as it is Expensive- I'd like to get 500$. It is not LSD) R180- original from 1973 240z in great shape just not all pretty like the R200. 100.00$ 1/2 shafts in great shape- 100$/pair Mustache bar for R180- 40$ Front strut tubes/spindles- 150 for the pair. Bead blasted and primered Rear drum brakes-Complete lots of mileage left on them 80$ for the pair. -1973 wiring harness in great shape- 600$ -New frt brakes: slotted rotors, loaded calipers/new flex line- 200$ -email me for other items and pics. 5x Koenig rewinds 15" with hankook's (only 500 miles on tires, and #5 tire has zero miles)- 500.00$ donaldvieira@comcast.net GIchiro located in Central, CA (209)
  15. Silver Mine Motors Review

    I have had the pleasure to buy parts from Edan. He is a humble young man with a passion for the 240Z. It is this younger generation, the very few, that keep Old School passions alive. I appreciate what he does; he is always available, and it is never a bother for him to discuss Z car related items/issues. As for the " being out of his apartment...", comment, I feel that is garbage. Many successful business started in a garage (Hewlett-Packard, Apple, etc) and I applaud Edan for being true to his Passion. He will be successful. GIchiro