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  1. My best 260Z yet!

    Lots of small projects on the horizon. Going to start digging around for some door seals to help the doors close a little better. Passenger seat belt receiver also needs some love. Things are coming along. (: 20180414_103325.mp4
  2. My best 260Z yet!

    Its been a four year journey, but the red devil is running and driving under her own steam!! Can't recall the tb type, came out of my parts stash and had lots of work done to make it work. Car hasn't been registered since 1989 so am pretty proud to be the one to put the car back on the road. Still lots of work to do (: Will get video clip posted shortly.
  3. My best 260Z yet!

    Custom intake made at the shop. Running MS2 for engine management that we pulled from my 240 running the turbo setup. Saves a bunch of time because all the MS wiring is all setup. Hoping to set the ECU inside the glove box so it doesn't get kicked in the foot well.... See how we go.
  4. My best 260Z yet!

    Small updates, trying life with the custom intake, a new 90A alternator and a custom accelerator cable. She's almost ready to run, had some varnish in the fuel tank that needed scrubbing. Not running an oil cooler just yet.
  5. Not mine: 1970 240Z

    If you got to have a '70! Thaarr she be! Bring your 'loot' with you! https://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/cto/d/1970-datsun-240z/6254377414.html
  6. My best 260Z yet!

    Not a lot to report, some inter cooler piping, LS coil packs, etc. Definitely planning on stripping the red (Corvette) paint and taking it back to its original sky blue. But it will be awhile before that happens.
  7. My best 260Z yet!

    Thread probably belongs on Hybridz at this point, but anyway, the intake is on with 550 RC injectors.
  8. Not affiliated with the seller. Just thought this would be a prime candidate if anyone was looking. http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/5892210719.html Thanks,
  9. My best 260Z yet!

    Test fit of the Holset. Also bought a Jegs wastegate for it. Anodized oil cap wont be a keeper (in case anyone was wondering), just one I had lying around.
  10. 71' Refresher project starts

    Reco'd valve cover installed. Haven't driven much lately.
  11. My best 260Z yet!

    Ordered a an ATI pulley. In other news, the valve cover came back from 'the guy at work'. #beautiful.
  12. My best 260Z yet!

    Small update. Red on red! Coming along slowly.
  13. 71' Refresher project starts

    Put the original hood back on last Saturday. Still a ways to go.
  14. 71' Refresher project starts

    Back under n/a power! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7cYsRwczew&feature=youtu.be
  15. My best 260Z yet!

    Thanks Rossiz, I decided to change directions with the build and drop in my 240's L28ET setup. There's the bottom end installed, head is getting some new seals.