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  1. Electrical switches and warning lamps

    Bump....new package deal. $60 for everything shipped anywhere in the US!!
  2. Relays and Electronics for sale!

    Bump...new package deal. $50 for everything shipped anywhere in the US!!
  3. S30 Suspension and Drivetrain pieces

    Front sway bar is SOLD. Still have the trans mount, the diff mount, and the strut isolators. Thx for looking.
  4. Stock sway bars, front & rear

    Front sway bar is sold. Still have the end links and bushings. Thx for looking.
  5. OEM Heater Blower Assembly

    Heater blower assembly from 1973 260Z with air conditioning. In good physical condition, no damage or rust, fan spins freely, defroster flap operates smoothly, bellows still soft and pliable, wiring and plugs in good shape. Tested on battery, and blower blows hard and pushes a lot of air. Compatible with other years if you have similar plug configuration. $20 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
  6. OEM springs - FREE

    My location, which is listed right under my member name, is Hampton, VA. Depending on how the buyer conducts the transaction, Paypal can charge a 3.5% fee....this is the fee that I reference.
  7. OEM springs - FREE

    I have 8 OEM springs, absolutely free to anyone willing to pay shipping and Paypal fee. Four are from an early-model 260, and four are from a late-model 260....I honestly couldn't tell you which springs came from which car. They're all roughly 15 inches total length; and they're all roughly 12 mm wire diameter (except for one that is approximately 11 mm wire diameter....weird). Post here or PM me if you're interested, and thanks for looking.
  8. Orange Airbox

    BUMP -- new price! $40 plus shipping.
  9. 1983 280ZX For Sale

    Nice! Wish I was closer. GLWS. At that price, I imagine it would go quick.
  10. 1983 280ZX For Sale

    Price and location please?
  11. Inner fender steel sheet / part for my 280z from 1977

    May know someone that can help with this....have forwarded your post to him. Good luck with it, and good on you for intending to do the repairs correctly!
  12. Classic Datsun wood shift knob

    SOLD. Thread can be closed. Thank you.
  13. Brake Proportioning Valve

    It's yours, Jim. PM'ed you. Thx much.
  14. Classic Datsun wood shift knob

    BUMP. Shift lever and shift knob both still available. Shift lever has the correct dogleg bend for use with either 4- or 5-speed gearbox. $50 for both shipped anywhere in the US.
  15. Brake Proportioning Valve

    Pulled from a running 1974 260Z. No leaks. Metal bodies and threads in very good condition. $20 each, shipped anywhere in the US. $35 for both shipped anywhere in the US. (The brake warning switch shown in the pictures is sold. The prop valve is still available). Thanks for looking.