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  1. Interior Components, Bits & Pieces

    It's yours, Jim. Thx much.
  2. Relays and Electronics for sale!

    No worries. I am extremely ignorant on factory electronics. Haven't had a stock/original Z in a long time -- they've all been engine swaps and/or set up for track use, so I am the last person one would want to ask a technical question regarding original factory equipment! Thx very much for the clarification.
  3. Stock sway bars, front & rear

    Front bar is still available. $20 plus shipping. I also have a nice pair of original front sway bar end links with black polyurethane bushings. $20 shipped anywhere in the US. For both the bar and end links, $30 plus shipping.
  4. Relays and Electronics for sale!

    Thanks very much for the additional info. Both the ign module and voltage regulator came from the non-running '73 car, so they must have been retrofitted by a PO.
  5. Variety of S30 interior parts and pieces available, all in very nice usable and functional condition. Prices do not include shipping. Storage Compartment Lids, two available. $15 each; $25 for both. SOLD Brake Boot Lever, MSA brand. $9. SOLD Radio Mounting Bracket. $5. Glove Box Door. $20 (door only; the glove box itself is sold). Glove Box Lamp, good working condition (two are pictured, but only have one available.) $5. Heater/Defroster Center Console Panel, two available: $40 and $15 respectively; or $50 for both. Both SOLD. -- The first one is in very nice original condition. Map light works; Seat Belt lamp works. Plastic and vent controls all in excellent condition. $40. -- The second panel is in ok condition, but has been slightly boogered up over the years. One of the vent control tabs is broken and the warning lamps panels have both been drilled for aftermarket indicator lights. The map light works well. $15. Thanks for looking!
  6. A whole hodge-podge of electronics available. Most pulled from a non-running 1973 260Z. If you see a part you like, but need more pictures to verify it's condition or plug configuration, etc...feel free to PM me. Prices listed do not include shipping, and all can be combined for shipping -- so the more you buy, the more you'll save! Seat Belt Interlock Unit, two available. Both in very good condition and both have the same plug configuration. $10 each; $15 for both. Voltage Regulator. Very good overall condition. $15. Transistor Ignition Module. Good condition. $15. Fusible Link Covers, two available. The clean white cover (left in the photo) is from MSA; the yellowed cover on the right is OEM. $3 each. Relays, multiple available. $5 each; $8 for any two; $12 for any three; $15 for any four. If you need a specific relay, feel free to send me a detailed photo of the desired relay and I will check if I have one. (I'm constantly finding new ones in my parts bins). Relay bracket, from the passenger footwell, currently pictured with several relays mounted. $5 (bracket only). Thanks for looking, and happy shopping!
  7. 1973 260Z Driveshaft

    New Year's price drop -- $70 plus shipping.
  8. Everything is sold. Thanks, ClassicZCars.
  9. Sounds good, Jim. I'll look into shipping options in the meantime. Thx much.
  10. Several various switches and warning indicators for sale; most pulled from 1973 early-model 260 and a 1974 late-model 260. Rear Defogger Switch, two available. Both in very good physical condition, both have the same plug, and both work, tested on digimeter. $12 each. Rear Defogger Indicator Lamp, two available. Both in excellent physical condition, but one is missing the pigtail and bulb socket. $10 for the one with the pigtail; $5 for the one without. Choke Indicator Lamp, two available. Both in very good condition. Please note that one has a two-prong male connector and the other has a two-prong female connector. $10 each. Warning Buzzer with three-prong male connector. $15. AC Temperature Control Switch. It's in ok physical condition and working condition is unknown. $10. Miscellaneous lamps with pigtails, three available. All three in excellent condition; all three have different length pigtails and different plug configurations. $2 each. Emergency Cutoff Switch. Plug and wiring are in good condition, but the button has been broken off. Free to anyone who purchases at least $15 of parts. Prices do not include shipping. All of these small parts can be combined for shipping; so the more you buy, the more you save! Thanks for looking.
  11. Update. I retested the blower on a good battery and it blows well (battery I used previously to test it was weak). So I would say this blower could be installed and used immediately....a good thing for this arctic blast that's descended on the US! No change in price! Still $15 plus shipping. I also sourced another blower unit. This one is same good physical and functioning condition as the one pictured, but does not include the mini-harness and defroster cable. $10 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
  12. S30 Suspension and Drivetrain pieces

    New Years price drop....take 10% off any of the posted prices!
  13. Radio is sold. Thx very much, S30Driver!
  14. Original Hitachi AM/FM radio pulled from a non-running 1973 260Z. May be compatible with other years. Working condition is unknown, but in very good physical condition; switches and knobs all operate smoothly; electrical connectors and wiring in great shape. Also included is the original antenna cable, center console mounting bracket, and rear speaker. The 45-year old paper cone on the speaker is damaged, as shown in picture. $79 shipped anywhere in the US. I will probably put this up on eBay at a higher price if it doesn't sell here. Thank you for looking, and Happy New Year to all my fellow Z car enthusiasts. :-)
  15. Original Plastic Radiator Fan

    Fan is still available.