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Found 2 results

  1. Motorsport Auto was established in 1979 by partners Ken and Greg Smith, who happen to be father and son. Back then, mail order auto parts specialists were a novelty. But Ken and Greg had a vision: become a full-service cataloger of every part and accessory a Z-car owner could ever possibly need or want, and build the company on a foundation of customer service. The vision also included top-notch technical assistance. Motorsport would not be staffed by order-takers at some remote bureau, or high-pressure, commissioned salesmen. Instead, every customer service team member would be a Z-Car expert, helping clients select just the right parts for their project. The company would also be dedicated to personal service, where the customer can choose whether to research and order online, call a toll-free number, send an e-mail, standard mail, fax, or visit a real showroom. And Motorsport would fully staff all of those areas during business hours for the customer's convenience. Today, that vision has become reality. Our online store, The Z Store, is the largest Z-only store in the world, with over 6000 parts. Over 7,500 square feet of inventory means we can ship most parts right away. Motorsport is proud to serve Z and ZX enthusiasts worldwide. We look forward to being able to serve you, too. Motorsport also has a forum on our website here.
  2. Since I'm buying so many little goodies from MSA during my refresh, I thought I'd start a thread to provide reviews on them. Feel free to contribute your own parts reviews. Here's mine so far. I have other parts, but can't comment on them yet. All of my parts are for a 1973 240Z. Of note, I can't believe how many of them were actual Nissan parts. 1) Bullet II Mirrors - very high quality, made of metal. The tension on the swivel mechanism is adjustable, so you can tighten them up if they get loose. They are fairly small diameter, so you'll want to carefully mount them for the best view, as the field of vision is smaller than normal. They look great, though. 2) MSA racing style mirrors - These are plastic, and the tension isn't adjustable. They'll end up flopping around when you close the door, or at least that's what happened to the old ones the PO put on my car. 3) Engine inspection light - I was expecting a repro, but its a real Nissan part. 4) Inner shift boot - this isn't on their website, but they have it if you call. Its a real Nissan part. It only cost me $17.55, which is so much cheaper than other online sellers. 5) Wooden shift knob - again not on their website, but they have it, and its a real Nissan part. Was only $53. 6) Threshold plate - a real Nissan part. These are very flimsy things, and mine got scuffed and bent upon shipping. I may be able to buff and straighten them quicker than sending them back for a replacement, though. 7) Carb float gaskets - seems fine, made of cork. Stopped the smelly fuel leak I was getting from the rear carb under hard cornering, acceleration or driving the car up a steep incline. 8) Rear quarter panels - these are made by Tabco, which also sells to Blackdragon. My body man didn't like them at all. He used them, and made them fit, but they were not exact replicas. The resulting work looks fine, but has more filler in it than he'd like. Two noticeable differences were where the dog leg wraps into the door frame the tabs weren't right, and they don't have any indentation underneath the ends of the rear bumper. He just cut them before those problems, as the old panels were ok on the both the front and back edges at those problem areas. Parts I haven't installed yet include: Weatherstrip kit, carb air horns, seatbelts, alternator upgrade, and the headlight relay upgrade (made by one of our club members). Will update this thread with a review of those as I get them done. I'm still waiting on my interior leather and vinyl upholstery from Les at Classicdatsun. Wish list items that I'll eventually buy include new wheels/tires and some rear deck carpet. I think I'll go with Konig Rewinds, although those seem common on 240Zs today. I could use suggestions on carpet and alternative wheel suggestions. I'm not a fan of slot wheels... Don't forget that club members get 10% off at MSA.
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