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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! Im looking at buying a 1975 280z. I found one for sale for $5500. Its a 75 280z with a 4 speed manual. 76000 miles on original motor. I got to test drive the car today. All of the gears work well, it shifts really smoothly and drives really well. Headlights and side lights were just replaced, blinkers work just fine. Gauges are all there and work. A/c isnt working but thats normal. Problems: 1. the driver seat is a little rough2. theres no carpet3. The car drives just fine up until about 3500 rpm and then struggles. Owner said he adjusted the timing and it helped a little but the problem is still there. I would like to know if this is potentially a big issue or just something like a fuel pump or timing issue. About how much ballpark would it cost to fix this issue?4. There are two small patches of rust in both front wheel wells. The rust isnt visible unless you peak in behind the wheel. It has been treated with rust proofing spray as a temporary fix. There is no rust on anything structural or on the exterior of the body or on the floor of the car. I would like to buy this car with the intent on fixing it up a bit and then selling it. Is 5500 or a bit less a good price that would leave me room to fix the car and turn a profit? If i can fix the motor problem and do up the interior a bit whats a normal price for this car?Thanks!