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$0.00 per year

Our site will always remain free for anyone to browse the site without paying.  Participation requires a free registration.  In order to help us pay for our services, we offer a few subscription packages.  If you aren't into paying subscriptions, it's ok because our free account will open up nearly all club benefits with just a few banner ads thrown in.  These banner ads help us pay for our expenses.  Here are the benefits of a free registration:

  • Participation in all areas of the site (except private areas)
  • Ads placed strategically, and never annoying
  • Unlimited Garages to show off your cars
  • Forums reflect your membership in all your posts
  • Download files to help with your car
  • Discounts from our partners
  • Post ads in our classifieds
  • Upload to our gallery
  • Write a blog about your car adventures
  • Post events in our calendar
$5.00 per month

For the price of a coffee every month, you will support our cause and help pay utilities and maintenance.  Our Mad Max subscription comes with these additional benefits (ads are also significantly reduced):

  • No hassle, auto-renewing subscription
  • You will be added to the Subscribing Members group
  • Your username will be highlighted
  • Your account will reflect participation in subscriptions
  • Google ads will no longer appear on every page
  • Special access to private areas of the website
  • Additional discounts from our partners
  • You will be listed as a supporting member in our membership roster
  • Your money will be used to support our cause
$10.00 per month

If you can't do without your daily Z "fix" we have a special package for you to help us out.  A Daily Driver subscription will receive all benefits from Mad Max plus these extras: 

  • Free download of the Zcar Microfiche CDROM
  • Create special interest groups in our new Clubs Area
  • You will be changed to the Supporting Members group
  • Special first-run Club Merchandise, when available

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