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$5.00 per month

With a Mad Max subscription you will have extra benefits and those annoying Google Ads will be suppressed.  Here are all the benefits:

  • Fixed auto-renewing amounts
  • You will be added to the Subscribing Members group
  • Your username will be highlighted
  • Your account will reflect participation in subscriptions
  • Google ads will no longer appear on every page
  • Special access to private areas of the website
  • Additional discounts from our partners
  • You will be listed as a supporting member in our membership roster
  • Your money will be used to support our cause
$10.00 per month

With a Daily Driver subscription, you will receive all benefits from Mad Max + these extras: 

$20.00 per month

With the Founders Club subscription, you will receive all benefits from the Mad Max + Daily Driver + these extras: 

  • Put into the Founding Members group
  • Listed as a founding member of the Classic Zcar Club

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