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  1. The odd part is that no one in the US wanted it...mmm? I think if Les reproduces them and offers them on his website after awhile they will start to sell.

  2. I think it is a $150 part either way. Don't you agree?

  3. Rich, I appreciate the offer and would have been all over it if I did not volunteer this weekend at Point Loma Naz College. My good friend is a women's basketball coach there and he has a tourney every year for high school girls teams. I volunteer to help him run it. Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing your car when completed. There is a great show on August 8th at Seaport Villiage sponsored by the Vette Club of SD, I am told it one of the best run shows around, I hope you enter your fine car. Regards, David

  4. Hey Dave i own a 1978 280z and my light switch isnt working. how long much would it cost for you to fix it?

    i need your adress and number so i can fed-ex it to you an howlong it would take for the part to be fix'd and sent back. im 17 and that cars my only transportation and i need that part fix'd a.s.a.p.


    marco casillas

  5. I saw yours...I also see that selling it is not working out as well as I thought. Do you got any idea why it is not selling? My Carbon Fiber guy is GREAT...but he has a business that builds and sells kit cars so getting him to put my parts first is hard....once he does make them I will let you know of course. BUT seeing that your part is not selling has me concerned that we are the only two guys who love this part. I also have one for a G-nose.

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