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  1. hey i have a 93 toyota lexen , which is perfect condition , cd player, air con, mags , centeil locking , cruse controle , rego n road werthy , n i was wondering if it would be a good idea to swap it for an old modle 300zx V6 turbo , its in ec condition , would it be fair to ask for an extar $1000 coz mine is worth like 3-4 thousand n the 300zx it for sale for liek 3000 i need some advice want u think , n i dont really have any plans for the car like mods
  2. i have read that the the RB30DET in 38 mm taller n i was wondering if it would cause any problems in a 240z , and if it does wat can i do to fix the problem thanks
  3. hey Mr camouflage u mind tellign me wat year n month that blue 240z with the vl turbo was in street machine thanks
  4. thanks guys , this should really help me alot
  5. hey someone told me about an article in street machine involing a RB30ET conversion wiht a 240z , and i want to contact them and try and get a copy off it does any one know there email or number or sometihng i have looked and have had no luck but , the nets not really me thing thanks
  6. wow this is gonna sounds stupid but i didn't know that commodores used nissan motors and that the VL turbo used a RB30ET , thanks , know i can do more research thanks for ur help (hehe i told u i din't know much about cars)
  7. money can't buy happiness but povity can't buy $^!#
  8. hey i am from australia so let me start of by sayin G'day : i am thinking about getting a 240z and trying to put a commodore VL turbo in it , theres one problem , i dont know much about cars and i would like to know if its possible and hard work and mods need to be done to the car to get it on the road and any info and sites so yeah i need some help someone thanks
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