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  1. Basic engine was the Nissan/Prince( )S20. Not just a twin cam either. 4 valves per cylinder, 3 twin choke mikunis and 2 camshafts...and that is just up top! Totally different to the Nissan L6 series of engines ...but then a 432 is far removed from just "a 240Z with a different engine" Do a search on THIS forum and you will find THE most accurate information (in English) on these engines compared to anywhere else on the 'Net. Welcome and Enjoy! While I was typing I just knew you'd beat me to a replyLOL. Cheers Alan
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130244345882&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:AU:1123 DO NOT BE FOOLED! Unless he has rebuilt the brake system, front end, diff, repaired the rust in all 4 doors, both guards, bonnet and sills and both rear quarters, replaced the interior, (well the door trims were ok!) it is still the enthusiasts fixer upper :nervous: I sold for $600 with full disclosure to a "poor kid still at school looking for something to work on with his Uncle!". It still has half its vinyl roof ....OH and a new windscreen. Motor and auto are very good and the aircon still worked well, but as I told him, It needs a total rebuild. Still trying to sell it with the other sedan, but once again a different eBay ID
  3. Maybe it was "R" for Rhodesia model?:cheeky:
  4. Hello Alan. Thanks for the link. You're right, the glimpse is far too short! Nice photos though. I don't know how the GT-R could look any better.... but I'm sure it will That was only the Press Day you say? So why at that and not the actual event hmm? still, it did look like fun. Without anything to base it on, I thought the festival of speed was a display event?! Ahh, now just thinking about it and recalling the video in the link at the start of this thread, there was a bit of real racing of sorts..just put it down to "oldtimers disease":( Getting older beats the pants off the alternative though:cheeky: Have you altered the exhaust path on the Skyline? Or does it sound that good through the full system? I can't make out any pipes in front of the left rear....yet? I'm a bit revved up about the C10's at the moment. two local friends have there own nearly ready to roll, I got to take a close look at a '71 GT with a Nissan Prince dealer fitted Nagoya Mikuni kit, and mine just travelled ~1500 Km like it was a Cessna. Didn't miss a beat. (end of hijack!)
  5. Around 12 months ago I had to replace the screen in my 4 door. Last one they (?) had and would not be ordering another. Cost me $220 fitted at home (Sydney) Apparently they're more plentiful in Queensland ? The 4 door and coupe screens are different. Slightly off topic but screens for the KGC10 are readily available from Japan through Nissan dealerships at around $450 landed! A friend in Victoria recently did just that.
  6. I would give my left ball joint to be able to attend these events. Has anyone here had the pleasure of attending both? I remember our own Mr Thomas and his '71 GT-R were attendees (last year?) at one of them. For me, I imagine it would be sensory overload:knockedou:knockedou
  7. Me three! ....the fuel rails look interesting too!
  8. Hi guys. Only 23 hours to go!! Ebay Australia.Item number: 220253086892 http://cgi.ebay.com.au/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220253086892#ebayphotohosting
  9. This is the clown (different ebay id though) that had three for sale on ebay recently... @ $10,000 buy it now! The car in the link was one of them. ebay pulled his auction after 2 days for some reason? ...Anyway..one of the cars, the registered automatic, was my old 4 door. I sold it to him ( a 15 year old school kid, said he wanted to restore it with his father and uncles) as a project car for $600, pointed out it needed a complete brake system rebuild, bulk rust repair, interior retrim etc etc... didn't seem to faze them. Looks like they were just collecting them for a quick cash iin on the old school Skyline charm eh?!
  10. G'day Frans!..and thanks for the information. I think it's great gathering all the little bits of the puzzle to get a clearer picture of the C10 history. I enjoyed your homepage too. The photo of the TWO C10's, one with a caravan in tow is just brilliant! I hope you can tell us some more of your dads and your own stories of life with the old Skylines! OH ! and welcome to the forum!!
  11. He forgot to mention; It's a limited edition 2 stroke model with stealth power matt black paint option, "Confuzed" sticker pak and a factory option available to "those in the know" only, you know like a COPO car! ....(pause for dramatic effect)....... A set of pseudo ultra rare Kickatinalong 500 edition wheel trims*!!!.......Yeah!! Naaaaah mate,...I betcha won't find more than 4 of those badboys anywhere on the planet *(on special;$9.95 a set at Two Dollar Wallies auto & persian rug supplies)
  12. Possibly an unused spare wheel and tyre from a 240Z click here Hope it helps someone!
  13. Classic ROBOCOP line there....one of my favourites!
  14. Hey Brian, SO what became of the weber fed RB20?
  15. Hi Noddle, Brian, As Brian says elsewhere, this car started its life as a genuine JDM version C110 Skyline 2000 GT-X. That badge is something the previous owner Ray Ferguson had souvineered from one of his mid '60's Prince Skyline GT's (S54-B)They were originally placed on the glovebox lid in the Prince. Sharp eyes there Noddle!
  16. Regarding the "rare sport package"...During the '70's I worked for a GM Holden dealer on Sydneys Auto Alley, otherwise known as Parramatta Rd. This area was twice hit with hailstorms. A lot of new vehicles stored outside were hail damaged. Consequently many dealers offered a vinyl roof package in the 1976/'77 models range. I remember well endless trips from the new and used vehicle yards to Simsmetal (big scrap dealer) with hail damaged but otherwise new bootlids and bonnets. Every now and then I would see other carriers with a load of Chrysler, Datsun or British Leyland panels that had suffered the same fate. It was no suprise over the next 12 months to see new Valiants, minis, the odd Holden wagon sporting a vinyl roof. This car just may have been one of a group to suffer a similar fate through damage of some sort, whether it be onboard a ship or as a result of weather.
  17. Basically there is nothing interchangeable from the base of the windscreen or the top of body of the doors (say where the windows reside when down) ..up! The coupe windscreen lays back further and is about 4 inches shorter, rear glass.. no way P.s. Windscreen might be 2 inches shorter....I f'get now:nervous:
  18. Maybe Carlos at Castlereagh? Some sort of Datsun recycle yard. Link I've only seen a picture of the 910 SSS....in a museum I think. This GL is a private import (recent) by the current owner. He wants to concentrate all his efforts into a 510 bluebird coupe race car.
  19. Hi Gary, Thanks for the little bitta international flavour.... Yes I'm jealousROFL . Might be suprised just what you see on the roads over there. Over the years I've got the impression that there was quite a bit of variety imported into Greece during the '60's.
  20. As I'm not sure what he will accept for it now, I'll get him to reply here himself. He is a member here. KGC10 I think!! ooh! I found a photo of it. It's a GL no SSS:disappoin
  21. I can put you onto a very original 910 series Bluebird 2 door ?(JDM car). Got the twinplug Gazelle motor. Can't 'memba if it's SSS or not.
  22. Ok so far it's weather strips. ( Drew seeing you are in Sydney it may be in your best interests to check these out yourself...20 years in the open does strange things to seals...rubber seals smarty! ) AKWIKZ needs to confirm required glass. Mat. RH drivers glass for coupe. I'll have to check the console blank. If I can I will take some pics of the bumpers and bits. Can someone give Mikey a prod and see if he still needs rear glass or ??? My next trip there (not exactly sure when but not too far away:ermm: ) will be to check and confirm availability of what is required, take some photos (bucketing rain last time and getting dark) and see what you chaps think of the condition, price and so on. Don't be backward in coming foreward if you need something or have a question:classic:
  23. Don't worry Bonza, as you have already noticed the collective expertise is still here, and I think Alfa is a long way short of oldtimers disease. He is still (in my humble opinion)the effective "Steward" of KPGC110 replication. It's all about attention to detail... detail ...detail
  24. Did you get your glass Mikey? I'm just thinking of the two door sitting in the wreckers up the road.
  25. Sad to hear Mr C. Save what you can, or have room to store! I've just had to replace a windscreen due to mindless vandalism :mad: $248. The supplier hadn't sold one for 15 years and the one I got was the last...and will not be restocked. Sedan and coupe are different. I need a brake booster (priority!) and front calipers if you are not planning on keeping them? $$
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