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  1. A man called Arshad Khan has recently bought a P610 rally car from a friend of mine (via Shekhar Mehta, via Lofty Drews).

    Arshad lives in Kenya & is entering this car into a historic rally series (he's just done a shakedown rally in it & now spent a fortune on brand new Proflex suspension!)

    The relationship to the current topic?

    My friend receives a call 2 weeks ago saying; "please send ball joints & fan belts." Apparently he can't even get a non-multigroove fanbelt in Kenya, let alone one that suits a P610. So it appears that my local auto-parts store & Nissan dealer will be the sole suppliers of spares for a car located 1/2 a world away.


    My hopes for any surviving Z's in that part of the world are not very high.

  2. I second the request (if practical) for Kats to make a complete electronic copy of the 'Domestic English' manual.

    From memory, the Australian delivered 240Z owners manual has none of the 'extras' that Kats has shown. However, the Australian delivered parts manual does mention Z432 application for a few parts (eg oil cooler).

    A friend of mine has what we are calling a 'crossover' 240Z. It has the late pillar vents & hatch, but the early diff position, A-series box & interior. The funny thing is that is has the parking-lamp circuit & switchgear as mentioned in one of Kats' photos. We have spent a number of hours trying to determine the function & location of these switches (the centre console was damaged beyond repair) and have only just come to the conclusion that it _must_ be parking lamps. I haven't looked at the taillights to see if the parking lamp globes are indeed fitted.

    This car has an Australian compliance plate, but was it _really_ meant to be sold in this country?

  3. Lets not forget the the JMS staff are a bunch of clowns at the best of times.

    And yes, that drifting loses video was taken at a 'competition' meet here in Adelaide. Funny thing is that the Stanza rally car won the event (driver skill perhaps?). Runner-up was the metallic green HR31 GTS. No I wasn't there....

    I'll be damned if I'm ever going to do that kind of thing in a semi-rare car like my DR30 (I think the HR31 owner is nuts).

  4. The FS5W71C gearbox is easy to identify, as it has the bolt-on plate as part of the shifter mechanism.

    As far as which cars used it here, all RB,SR & CA powered vehicles (possibly with the exception of the S3 910) use the C series. I don't believe that it was standard fitment to any FJ20 powered cars. BUT, you can fit the B series bellhousing to the C series extension housing. This has been done to a few FJ & L powered cars here in AUS & is more common in Japan (especially with DR30 Skyline owners). the output shaft splines are the same all the way through - from the 4-speed A series to the latest C series (dunno about the 350Z box though).

  5. That is, unless you have an 88-89 Z31 with a stuffed diff & need to replace it!

    In which case, you can identify the correct unit by inspecting the 1/2 shaft splines (diff-end). There will be 2-sets of splines (the inner set will have a smaller diameter, in order to engage the VLSD unit).

  6. AFAIK, there were only a few hundred genuine SilEighty's made. Complete with lowered stiff-as-buggery suspension and more than a few degrees of negative camber on all corners. Marketed towards the younger 'drifters' from the factory....

    The road-safety lobbyists would have a fit if something like that was marketed here!

    There are plenty of replicas around, and the odd 180-fronted Siliva too.

    There are also a handful of RB20DET-powered 180's here in Adelaide, most of which have massively vented bonnets due to the aforementioned cooling woes.

  7. I don't know the model number that seperates the stumpy' box from the 'regular' boxes found in the '70's & '80's Nissans. But all wide ratio OD boxes are designated FS5W71B (Floor shift, 5-speed, wide ratio, 71 series, B variant).

    The driveshaft in the R30 cars is 2-piece (as you have discovered) with a centre bearing assembly. The 4-cylinder R30's use the 'regular' gearbox, but the 6-cylinders use the 'stumpy' box. If you have ever seen the engine bay layout of a 4-cyl R30, you will notice that the engine is set forward & the gearbox begins about 2/3 of the way into the engine bay.

    The stumpy box won't fit into your K, but a Z, C, 810 or 910 5-speed will fit fine. The Z boxes of course could have a 2.9:1 1st or be a FS5C71B (close ratio) box, but it wil still fit (and have better ratios than a C110 FS5W71B).

  8. As I recall my car was very much a 4-wheel drifter once I'd upgraded my suspension. It would turn and turn and turn, then you were washing out in a drift.

    This probably was also due to the fact that I had an open diff & a laggy turbo setup. I'll update with the 'new' attitude once my L28ET & 4.375:1 LSD are installed!

    The car handled like a bucket of crap when I first bought it - retreads, stuffed shocks & saggy springs. It tried to tear the steering wheel out of your hand when you went over bumps. 25 year old suspension will do that....

    My DR30 Skyline would be a mild understeerer - if I didn't poke the right foot & push it into a gentle powerslide (which is sooo easy & stable, even with partial throttle openings).

  9. The copyright angle can get quite confusing (interesting?)sometimes.

    For example, my dad has posted several hundred images to the Sony ImageStation web site. On that site it clearly states that once you have uploaded an image, the ownership & copyright is transferred to Sony.....

    My personal take on that is that he still owns the shots & I expect our local copy to be around longer than the ImageStation site!

    I've got lost of images of various automotive events on my web page, and they were all taken by me, my girlfriend (the resident camera thief....), or one of my associates at the event.

    I'd rather keep a copy on my own web than risk losing ownership of my material. That's not to say that there aren't images of my cars/events on other webs (including this one).

  10. Pedders will sell you Nolathane, Rare Spares Noltec, and any decent suspension shop wil sell you either or K-Mac (branded Nolathane?). You will get bushes with new sway bars. I found that the rear control arm bushes were harder to come by than all others. If you can't find what you want here, get some G-Machine bushes from MSA, Nismo, or VB.

  11. The 2003 Classic Adelaide is less than a week away (it starts next Wednesday). I'll be spending many hours abusing my camera & cheering on the drivers this year!

    FYI, the domestic Falcon is powered by a 182 kW 4.0L 6-cylinder, a 240kW 4.0L 6-cylinder turbo, or one of several V8's with outputs of either 220 or 260kW.

    See for more info.

  12. I'm glad you replied Mike, cause I didn't know the answer :ermm:

    However, I'd expect the outcome of said protest could be dependant on what ratios you have inside the box. If they are as-per Option 'x' then your only 'advantage' is more power handling, which would't releavnt if the engine was of a certain spec & deemed to be legal.

    I'll ask my local CAMS rep & see what he has to say!

  13. Originally posted by HS30-H

    These good / bad perceptions are not the fault of the poor old car! Even the Capri was an honest and fairly worthy car, and did not deserve being tarred with the hooligan brush. That's just what happens when the desireable models of a few years ago become within the reach of the 17~25 age group. Its still happening these days, and the target cars have been the 'Hot Hatch' segment for some years.

    Its all a big circle, and its the same anywhere in the world I reckon.

    Alan T.

    And THAT is the crux of the matter. When an expensive & fast car gets cheap enough to be bought readily on the used market, the risk of a bad image goes through the roof.

    Having said that - bring on the LOUD & extensively modified Zeds. The more the merrier :D

  14. Crap - forgot all about it.

    Went a couple of years back, there were a few parts there - I got an S30 parts manual for $80 & some FSM's for about $20. I've also recently remembered that there was a company there that would make 1-off rubber parts if you could provide a sample. Well, I've been scouring the globe for hatch hinge seals & I still have my old buggered ones. So a re-manufacture might be on the cards!

  15. In this regard it is a bit less expensive than in alot of places. Currently our price for Premium Unleaded Fuel is hovering around $1.60 USD.

    That would be $1.60 per gallon, our friends in the EU are paying almost that per litre.....

    You guys in the Holland & Denmark are closer to oil fields than the rest of us, what gives?

    BTW I'll be paying around $600AUD p/a for registration