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  1. On 8/20/2021 at 4:18 AM, Terrapin Z said:

    I might have a donor set, still need to pull the fenders to check condition.

    Or did you get the ones from APS already?

    I got it from APS already thank you. I appreciate all of your for the speedy response.

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  2. On 7/14/2021 at 5:06 AM, Namerow said:

    The only source that I know of for ready-made sheet metal for this area is UK-based Automotive Panel Solutions (no website, but can be found on Facebook).  The proprietor does beautiful work but -- as noted above -- it ain't cheap.  A third solution will be to find a donor car, cut out the required sections, and then graft them into your car.

    I can't see the rest of your car from the photo you've offered.  However, if this level of rust is typical of the entire vehicle, you may want to consider acquiring a better vehicle to start your project with. 

    Well I don't plan on getting a different vehicle. I actually think the one I have is not bad. Every rusted area that is currently semi-rusted or completely rusted I have bought the replacement for... L+R Inner/outer rocker panels,  L+R lower door panel, L+R rocker panel ends, and countless others. I honestly don't even mind the budget either, but to be honest that is the only area that is that bad. When I got it I checked everything else and that part was the worst. Everything else was easily replaceable. 


    Thank you I appreciate the opinion/advice because I need all that I need going into this.  

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