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  1. I'm not sure if they are Torino I or II's. They are both no older than two years old. I used the sliders from the stock seats and some flat 1/8 steel to adapt them to the seats. It's a tight fit for sure. I removed both adjusting knobs and the left shoulder bolster just touches the door when closed.

  2. Everything except the interior is going to brought down to bare metal using plastic media. I'm not a purist but the car is so original we are going to do a the stock blue metallic w/ a epoxy primer base. The original motor/trans is going to be pulled and set aside. It will be replaced w/ a mild turbo set-up w/ sds management.

  3. I bought the car from thr original owner at an estate sale. Car has been in the garage since last registered in 1980. I also have all the recipts going back to the first oil change at dealership in 1973. Not many z's have survived without major restoration/repair on the east coast with 141,000 or 241,000 miles, trust me.

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