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  1. Also the parts and numbers just added all came from what I considered the junk box of the 5 boxes plus the mint radiator and a dozen new old stock belts I'd forgotten
  2. We would take 1500.00 The photos don't begin to reflect the volume of stuff here.
  3. hello I added some part numbers to the ebay listing. What I come away with looking through this stuff is how much better made it is. We want to make sure that the parts fit 240's. By the time we punch in the numbers to verify we might as well show what Chinese versions sell for. There's a 100+ boxes still and 100 new non labeled unknown exactly what they are parts a friend is coming to assist in identifying. Never going to get part numbers completed before auction ends. Looks like we'll separate them. I'll be busy til February but certain we'll be putting 5 to 10 thousand in the bank just found another box of plug wire ends and a jar of I bet impossible to find little items Any interest in what appears to be an excellent 1972 240 motor and 4 speed transmission. Engine missing intake but certain it's in excellent running condition.
  4. There is this listing on eBay with 100's of new parts most in boxes It states some of the parts numbers are for 620 truck. Would most of them be usable on 240Z i.e. 3/4" vs 7/8 master cylinder
  5. Check out this listing on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/112673464064
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