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  1. Now I want to see it roast those tires. What an amazing build.
    I think you must have missed this post from about 2 months ago:
    Hey guys.

    Thought you would all like to know that the car is about to be shipped to Dubai. It sold again. For more.


    They pay top dollar in the middle east for left hand drive cars if they are interested. I sold my 810 in 2009 to someone in the UAE for nearly twice my asking price.....

  2. I thought they were all the same key too.
    I know this this car uses the same key. Or at least is did during the 12 years I owned it. I bought the car in 1997 from the original owner. I sold it in 2009 and the OP (knarfrabot) bought it from him (small world!). Either the lock went bad somehow or the owner in between did something to it but it worked when I last tried it.

  3. Oh yeah...that was the topic. The lock worked for me when I had the car but I didn't use it often. I probably only locked the glovebox 4 or 5 times in the 12 years I had the car. I sold it to it's previous owner in May 09 so it might not have been locked for at least 4 or 5 years.

  4. I never had a GSXR. I've owned several bikes in the past but nothing for 15 years. Or do you mean he (the onwer in between) had one? How's my old Z? Sounds like you've had a few problems with it. It never gave me any trouble in the 12 years I had it other than having to replace the radiator, alternator, and starter not long after I bought it. Besides that, nothing but routine maintainence. It's probably time to change my avatar.....done.

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