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  1. This thread deserves a Zombie award. Two years in the grave and suddenly it springs back to life.
    C'mon Wade, It's an update. They are still recovering over there as James stated. I recently read where poor bulding design was the cause of the majority of deaths in a building collapse that happened during that 'quake.
  2. I never understood why who owns or owned a car could make it worth more though that has always seemed to be the case. Unless it was especially built for the individual, It's the same car thay you or I could have bought. A friend of mine once owned one of Hubert Platt's Mustangs. By the time he got it, it was pretty much just a clapped out race car. He still paid more for it than one would have paid for any other 'garden variety' Mustang simply of because of it's notable previous owner. For those that don't know, Hubert Platt, who was known as the 'Georgia Shaker', was a successful NHRA drag racer in the 60s and 70s.

  3. I warn you buddy, if you used an impact wrench to take off the peened nut without cutting off the peened part, you just ruined all the threads on that axle. Ask me how I know.
    I, too, am a memeber of that club, but you only do it once.........
  4. The way you typed your paragraph got you banned or suspended.
    Yeah, I've got to say that I don't understand that commet either. Is it an attempt at humor? Anyway, to the topic, I've been to HybridZ off and on over the last couple of weeks, as normal, and haven't had any problems. When did this take place?
  5. Just note that before you test the equipment-- fuel injection system, you must relieve the fuel pressure by having the vacuum hose disconnected from the fuel pressure regulator and remove the fuel tank cap. Hope this helps. Thanks!
    That may help something though I'm not sure what but it won't relieve the fuel pressure.
  6. I've worked on both types and, actually, the earlier type that would be stock for a 1973 240K would work fine if properly rebuilt. It's basically the same unit used the non North American market early S30 and here beginning with the North American market 1974 260Z through the 1978 280Z. I never noticed much, if any difference between the two performance wise.

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