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  1. They were made out of a semi clear plastic. The weren't H shaped. They just sort of clipped over the belt and you could move them to any position.
  2. I got pulled over for speeding the last time I drove mine before I sold it in June 2009. It was the only time I got pulled over in the 12 years I owned it.
  3. ^^^I doubt that an inventory from a US dealership would include any parts specific to a Fairlady ZL.......
  4. I owned a 79 for about 6 months back in the late 90s. Got it fairly cheap, fixed it up and sold it. It was an automatic trans but was still somewhat fun to drive. As I recall it's gas mileage was pretty bad for an engine of that size.
  5. All that really says is that it is true that there are rumors.......
  6. Didn't you see this post. It's even a year old....... Even the one that black gold man linked to shows no activity from tony5050 in about 5 months.
  7. sblake01

    5 Speed switch

    It won't bolt up as the bell housing is different from that of an S30. That swap, however, has been done but it requires a lot of work (and expense).
  8. If there ever such an individual existed, I've never come across him.......
  9. No more heretical than the fact that the so called 'new era' GTO was built in Australia.
  10. If your car was originally a California car, a bad altitude switch could cause what you're experiencing.
  11. C'mon Wade, It's an update. They are still recovering over there as James stated. I recently read where poor bulding design was the cause of the majority of deaths in a building collapse that happened during that 'quake.
  12. I never understood why who owns or owned a car could make it worth more though that has always seemed to be the case. Unless it was especially built for the individual, It's the same car thay you or I could have bought. A friend of mine once owned one of Hubert Platt's Mustangs. By the time he got it, it was pretty much just a clapped out race car. He still paid more for it than one would have paid for any other 'garden variety' Mustang simply of because of it's notable previous owner. For those that don't know, Hubert Platt, who was known as the 'Georgia Shaker', was a successful NHRA drag racer in the 60s and 70s.
  13. We're used to it. We've been here for 7+ years and lived in the general area no more than 30 miles away for many years.
  14. I, too, am a memeber of that club, but you only do it once.........
  15. Oh, that's right! I had almost forgotten about the "2012 phenomenon". The date is supposed to be December 21 isn't it?
  16. Wow, a Norm sighting!! There are a few 'legendary' members in this thread who's names I've not seen in years.
  17. Yeah, I've got to say that I don't understand that commet either. Is it an attempt at humor? Anyway, to the topic, I've been to HybridZ off and on over the last couple of weeks, as normal, and haven't had any problems. When did this take place?
  18. A response to a nearly four year old post......back when you could apparently trust this threads author......
  19. Careful, TomoHawk, everytime I 'go there' my post(s) seems to get deleted........
  20. Bot from India:
  21. I've seen many clips of these and other vehicles being abused in the Middle East.
  22. What shop does Elvan work at? Haven't seen him in years.