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  1. I have a 1977 280z and I'm having some trouble getting it starting. I don't seem to get spark from any of my plugs. The car was working fine the other day, but suddenly decided not to work. I've had starting problems in the past, but I have been able to fix them with some good ol' starter fluid. That trick won't work this time. The engine cranks just fine (starter gets proper voltage, as well.) I've checked the battery and the connectors, all work fine. I replaced my ignition coil, and all of the wires (ignition wire and spark plug wires) and I've also replaced the plugs, themselves. Still, no
  2. Dear Forums, I'm in the process of taking off my stock rear bumpers on my 280. I got the driver side shock absorber off with ease (bolts were easy to get to, and it just slides out) but the bolts on the passenger side shock is located above the gas tank. Now, I was thinking, could I not just cut the part of the shock off that is under the gas tank? I'll make sure to release all the pressure first, of course. I'm planning on cutting that part and then weld up all the holes left behind to cover it all up. The bolts holding the housing for the shock will still be on there, but the part sticking o
  3. Alrighty, will do! Thanks a lot gentlemen. I really appreciate your help.
  4. The Z is up and running! I sprayed some starter fluid into the AFM like grantf suggested, gave it some gas and it came alive! Thanks a lot gentlemen! My car means a lot to me, so your help means the world! Any idea though why this happen in the first place? Had the fuel clogged up or something, because I hadn't driven it for a couple of days. Again, thank you gentlemen!
  5. So, to be sure since I'm new to all of this, spray right into the intake manifold? Disconnect the AFM with the flap and spray in? Again, thanks a lot. I truly appreciate your patience!
  6. My internet was down for a while, glad to see I've got some great guys helping me out! I'm getting the starter fluid today to see if it will start. To my understanding, I just remove the air filter and spray down into the intake? I hope it starts so that I know what the problem is, at least. Thank You Gentlemen!
  7. Thanks emptech! I'll follow your instructions and see where it will get me I really appreciate the help. I'm new to these things, so it's really nice having clear help and instructions. Quick question, though: Would I have to test each and every spark plug for a spark? If I get a spark with one of them, then it shouldn't be the ignition system or the distributor, right? Also, is it safe to just take the distributor cap completely off and try and start the motor? Never done it before, so I'm just wondering if there are any precautions I should consider. One final question: I have a feeling th
  8. Finally got the video uploaded!
  9. I'll see if I can get my hands on one of those. I uploaded pics of how the Volts look from inside the car
  10. Dear Classic Z Cars, My '77 280z is my first car and I love it very much. Since I'm not an expert on the matter, I find myself useless in times when mechanical experience and knowledge is required. At the moment, my car won't start. I don't know what it is...The car was fine, but then I didn't drive it for 2 days. I came back to it and now it won't start. I got a video of it trying to start. (Still be processed...I'll post it when ready) Maybe you guys can help me out. There are no leaks, the car has fuel (checked lines and there's fuel going through), the car has oil, and the battery seems to
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