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    From the album: Z Attack 2008

  2. NissanMaster


    From the album: Z Attack 2008

  3. Looks like it was a great trip! Thanks for sharing the great pics!
  4. Z Attack 7 was great ! The tour of Nissan's engine manufacturing plant was a rare glimpe of Nissan Engineering at work,Thanks MTZC !:laugh:
  5. NissanMaster


    sound great Rick! I look forward to it!
  6. Ron, Your Right,the BRE & BSR connection was a huge success for Nissan. The positive energy these legends put into the 240z is rarely seen in racing.
  7. Gus, Congrats on your find! low mileage 240's are ultra rare and this z has big time potential! My 1/72 240 has 65K & drives like a G35,You might be really surprised after you get things freshened up! See you soon!
  8. 1/72 240z Bob Sharp Wide Body Package purchased through BSR during the late 70's,1 of 1 build. ZCCA International Convention 1st Place Nissan Modified 240z 2007
  9. On the last day of school when I was a junior my french teacher ran the only stop sign in front of our high school & totalled my 70 240 (1981),that really hurt,they did pay $3250 for the damage.My second Z was even nicer.Careful what you wish for! BSR4EVER!
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