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    My 73 Z is my second one, I had another 73 back in 1980 and sold it in 1985 which was a mistake. I converted both to round top carbs my first on I bought from Datsun the second set came from Ztherepy.

    I bought part cars for certain parts, a non running 71 that was a rust bucket for a set of American Racing libre mags that were mint. A running 72 for the 4 speed and clutch pedal assembly and a bunch of spare parts. Finally a totaled 280Z for the running engine and the 5 speed.

About Me

I'm a car guy who prefers his own mechanical/ service. 

I currently have a 68 Mustang and a 73 240. 

I bought my Z from the original owners that was basically original except for the wheels and some butt ugly mirrors on both both doors.