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  1. The Brake Master Cylinder that I have the Reseviors look to be the same. (The fluid capacity is the same) Should I still swap the lines?? Keith
  2. I have a 1971 Datsun 240z made in the month of April (4/71). I purchased a new Brake Maste Cylinder but it says it only works on 9/71 to like 73 i believe. It looks like it will work though the only difference is where the bleeders are on the cylinder. I cant find a new brake master cylinder for the early early 240z. Will this one work or do I have to find the early early one?
  3. I dont have the old one at all. I bought a new brake booster and it didnt come with the rod. Its for my 1971 Datsun 240z made 4/71
  4. I am looking for the Brake Booster Push Rod (The rod that connects the Brake Booster to the Brake Pedal) please let me know Keith
  5. Ok Its for my 1971 Datsun 240z I Live in Northern California Thanks Keith
  6. I am looking for some parts off a used 240z. If you have a 240z that you are parting out please let me know by replying to this forum or emailing me at Kac86@sbcglobal.net Thanks Keith
  7. Yes Black Dragon Auto has a whole repair kit that does include the rod but it is 160 bucks!! I just need the push metal rod! Does anybody have a parts car or anything? Keith
  8. I Need The Metal Push Rod That Connects The Brake Booster To The Brake Pedal And I Need It Asap! Please Let Me Know Where To Get One Or If Anyone Has One! Keith
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