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1971 240Z-Cable SNAPPED-FIXED IT!!


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Well- here's the skinny- because the cable snapped at the release mechanism the best advice was to remove the hood hinge bolts and prop the hood open and then unscrewing the hinge pin from the hood. this was not easy!! you are basically not able to see what you are doing just feel around for the bolt. coupled with the fact that the bolts were fairly rusty and dry this was a royal pain the arse. Also you cannot get a ratchet in between the hood and the mechanism so you have to use a closed wrench and constantly re-adjust the wrench with the bolt head.

going at it from under the car was just impossible for me. there is no way to get at it with any degree of accuracy. Nor did I have the proper tools.

I replaced the cable with a brand new Nissan part from MSA for $37.00 with shipping.

My advice is that anyone who has not replaced the cable yet do so immediatley....

thanks for everyone's help.

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