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Oh Nooooo!!!! The Z is leaving the building...


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Ok, I know that i've said it before, but the Z has to go now...within 2 weeks!!! If anyone wants to see it they can call me and see it this weekend (just be prepped for a bit of a drive, its about 40-50 k's out of melbourne on the east side)...

It's going for $3500 (and I want to let you guys know first before the trading post etc, so you won't find it in there yet), and here are the features:

-Stonking engine (new clutch and machined flywheel less the 15k ago) with 5 speed trannie

-New brakes all round (again less than 15k ago)

-Retrimmed seats (though a little dirty)

-Ramflo filters on round tops (perfect condition)

-2 1/2" exhaust

-Restored dash with all instruments working

-Stripped interior (the beginning of the resto)

-Custom oil catcher

-Original alloys x5

Unfortunately it has no RWC or reg (unregistered bout 3-4 months ago), and it has no battery as it was flat so I took it out cause it was gonna happen anyway!

All I have to do is find the keys and we can fire her up (hasn't been started in a couple of months), though you might have to bring a battery, but believe me, the engine runs, and very well!

I won't lie, it needs a bit of body work, but the mechanical package is excellent!

If your interested, give me a call on 0421 790 172, and we can organise something (and so I can wash it its a bit dusty).

Cheers ppl!

*sob sob, no more z....*

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