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Cars for Sale: 1977 280Z 2+2


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1977 280Z 2+2

1977 280Z 2+2, manufacture date 11/76. Original 4 speed with A/C. 77K miles. NYS title with lien release from Bank. Hasn't been on the road since 1991.

Fenders, hood, top, passenger door, rear hatch.
Glass except windshield (crack on passenger side). Have windshield gasket and chrome strips.
Engine will start and run but runs rough, needs fuel injector work and/or engine temperature adjustment to run well.
Interior is in good condition, seats are not torn, and all rugs are in good condition with the exception of the passenger side rug which is missing.
Dash board is crack free except for a small piece that is missing near the glove compartment door.
Passenger side door is in good shape.
The tool kit and jack are in the spare tire well.

Frame rot at least 1 section on each side, about 1 foot drivers side and about 6" passenger side.
Rockers on both sides need work. I attempted to repair but I wasn't able to weld in new panels, tried to braze in panels which lead to warping.
Front inner fender wells have holes.
The floor is starting to rot, found a few spots that could use repairs.
Driver's side door needs several holes & rust repaired.
Gas tank probably needs repair, haven't looked at it yet, was on my list but haven't gotten to it yet.
Brakes need to be looked at, master cylinder is only 3 years old and some tubing has been replaced but front discs haven't been looked at yet.
Rear brake backing plates are starting to rot, cylinders might need to be replaced. I have good used backing plates ready for installation as well as one new rear brake cylinder.
Missing spare tire.
Right side front running light lens broken (rest are in good shape and installed.

Extra parts/pieces:
Fiberglass 240Z hood with hinges, springs removed. Some small cracks in the fiberglass near the hinge mounting point.
5 speed transmission.
Rear brake backing plate, not sure which side.
Rear brake lines that attach to the cylinders.
Extra headlight mounting bracket.

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    280z 2+2
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