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Nice paint job!


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Since I'm a relatively younger person here and I wasn't even around when the 300ZX came out, I have no idea what the world was like in the early 70s when the Z arrived.

After the Z Nationals here in Australia a question has popped into my mind regarding the paint quality on some of these cars. Some of them were absolutely amazing to look at, jst because the paint was so incredibly good. I've never really thought about it before but how good was the paint on these cars when they came out of the show room?

Paint technology has come a long way in the last 30 years I'm sure, but how much exactly I'm not so sure about. Can any of you wise people explain how good the paint was back then?

It's not so much a hard question, as a hard answer! But I'm hoping you might be able to shed some light on this. :)

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I know a bit, but not heaps..so correct me if I'm wrong...

Back in the good ol' days, 1-pak acrylic was the way...nothing wrong with it don't get me wrong but it tended to dull quick, took alot of regular buffing to keep really shiny and was fairly susceptible to chemicals (ie Its strips easy!)...Then 2-pak came out..brilliant stuff!! Goes on thick, covers brill, glossy straight after painting (no cutting or buffing req.) and is very resistant to chemicals (read...bastard to strip!)..a baking oven is also alot better for 2-pak, though not necessary)...2-pak is also longer lasting, easier to keep shiny and clean and is even more resistant to scratches (with clear)...downside is costs more, but then...no price is too high!:classic:

Hope that help a little without going into specifics!

Cheers ppl!

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