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Travel'n Man

Vehicle: Datsun 240Z (1972)

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Name: Datsun 240Z (1972)

Date Added: 08 May 2010 - 05:28 AM

Owner: Travel'n Man

Short Description: This car was an eBay purchase from California in March 2007. I talked personally to the owner and he totally had me; hook - line - and sinker. I got wrapped up in the purchase emotionally and bought the car. It took a month to ship to me it was nothing that the previous owner described. There was extreme rust damage to the floor boards. It was not in "ready to paint" condition. The interior was in fair shape but not great shape - so - since I had possession of the car there was only one thing to do............create a budget and bring it back to its prime! This extensive refresh is from March 2007 to date.


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