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Various 240 & 280 Parts for Sale


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I am doing a clean-out and trying to sell some of my excess or extra 240-280 parts. I know this is a ebay/craigslist board and I do have these posted on ebay. Just thought I would list them here as well, If needed I can add the ebay links to conform with the rules.

Datsun 240z, 260z, 280z Water Temp/Oil Pressure, And Clock Gauges:


Pulled these from my 240z when I upgraded to a SBC. I changed to autometer gauges. When pulled the water/oil gauge worked. I bench tested the clock and it runs, but it doesn't have enough power/gearing to move the hands. I have put some sewing machine oil on it to see if that would free the gears up enough but it didn't. You can see the gears turn but they don't have enough power to turn the minute hand. They also come with the glass/black vanity shields. I had to use the black cases for my autometer gauges. I put white faces in my gauges and these will come with the white face, but they can easily be peeled off if you want to return to the stock look.

240z, 260z, 280z Clutch Master Cylinder:


This is the Clutch master cylinder off of my 240z. I did a SBC swap and had to upgrade to a tilton master cylinder. This comes with the stock Datsun cylinder, and all of the tilton reservoirs and accessories that I didn't use. One thing to note is that the pushrod in the picture is the tilton pushrod. The master will come with the stock datsun push-rod though. I took the picture when I was wanting so see the how they would interchange.

240z, 260z, 280z Power Antenna:


Pulled this off my 240z, not sure if it's a power antenna of not. It does have an accessory power wire going to it.

280z Center Console Panel:


Pulled from a 280z parts car. Rear light connector is mangled. Other than that the entire panel looks good.

280z HVAC Switch:


This was pulled from a 280z parts car. All sliders move and seem to function correctly.

70-74 Datsun 240z Console/HVAC Panel/Switch:




Pulled these from my 240z when I got it. Everything looks good and levers move and function correctly. Paint is chipping on the main panel, but a repaint on if should be fairly easy. Small hairline crack on smaller panel that goes over fuses. Fan switch also included.

Extra Prothane (Red) Urethane Bushings:


Bushings I had left over. Bump Stops, Transmission X-Member, 16 and 20mm Sway Bars.

Stealth Conversions Aluminum Spacers. Dat-105:


I really have no price to put on these. Just make me an offer. Feel free to ask plenty of questions or request more pictures, I took several of each item.



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