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Upper spring seat bump stop


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Ok, so I've got a poly bushing kit, including 4 bump stops. Here are what my current upper spring seats look like (I have 2 of each):


The first one seems to have an integrated bump stop. Should I try to remove it (looks bound pretty solidly)? Also, when disassembling my suspension, I noticed that there ware NO strut bearings! Are they necessary? I think there are supposed to be at the front?

My new KYB dust boots also come with white bump stops. Which way would be best?



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I'd replace all four while you have them apart. Inexpesive parts and no telling how many more bumps that orange thing will take before its toast.

On the strut bearing issue, the fronts should have a bearing in the "hat" that has the three studs in it and the rears should have a similarly shaped plastic spacer.

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