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240z missing


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I need some help with my 72 240. It has a Pertronix ignitor new NGK plugs, new fuel filter, cap and rotor. The car idles fine pulls hard through all gears but once I reach cursing speed it acts like it is missing. This all started this weekend after I filled up with gas. Could it be a bad tank of gas or what.



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I would check the dizzy to make sure the rotor button and everything is ok - i had an ignition problem with my 73 240Z and it all looked good except the allegedly new rotor button was cracked. Also, check the fuel pump & filter (which you said were ok so that is all right).

Other than that it could well be the gas. Here is AUS the gas is crap - they water it down with ethanol to as much as 30%. Bastards. It makes havoc with the engine and i get my car pinging when i get dodgy fuel.

I havent really helped much :) but just double check everything. :)

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