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1978 280z


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Alright guys, I hope i don't make anyone mad by posting this here but.... I have an all stock 1978 280Z I've gone through the trouble of buying a new air flow meter for it, and all new injectors along with all new ignition parts except the dist. I kind of want to sell her and just buy one again later on. I'm not sure how much to ask for the car to be honest. The mileage is what i would guess to be 128xxx with less than 200 miles on new injectors. All that needs done is body work and proper floor pans. I really wanna sell it to someone who will take care of it and not trash it, I just bought a truck and I figured instead of having both I will just use the truck and save up for a 240Z instead of a 280Z what I am asking for the car is pretty much what I've put in it and that would be approx. $1,500 its got a strong engine and transmission it shifts perfectly. I have new parts as well that are waiting to be put on it (rear brake parts like shoes, cylinders, springs) also have a new slave cylinder as well. the front rotors are new and so are the pads as well. Again i'm sorry if it bugs anyone for me putting this here I just have not had much luck with the new classifieds site. If anyone is interested let me know you can shoot me an email at this address Chief_roberts@live.com

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