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Walbro 255 GSL392 on stock 77 280z

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Hey all

I hate to not get a chance to introduce myself before jumping in and asking for help, but long story short I'm a new proud owner of a 77 280z with an f54 p79 motor. I'll do what I can to give a brief overview. (I'll do a full detailed intro later on)

So I recently bought a 1977 280z with a 83zx f54block p79head motor, 83 zx5speed with turbo clutch/flywheel.

(I finally got a Z!!! I've waited many years for this :D)

Its actually this car


My original problem was the fuel pump was not shutting off when I turned off the car and took the keys out of the ignition. Now the car won't start at all and the the fuel pump doesn't prime or even turn on. I did all the checks to try to get the fuel pump to pump but no dice.

That was my original problem I've narrowed it down to a bad fuel pump, the relays click so I don't think its that.

My question now is so I'm getting a replacement walro 255lph GSL329. At the same time I have future plans for a turbo swap or turboing my current motor so I was looking to upgrade to the walbro 255 GSL392 in line pump http://www.summitrac [nofollow]...ts/VPN-GSL392/. The question is will the walbro 255 work with the stock FPR and setup on my current car as I don't have plans to swap or turbo the motor immediately? Also as far as wiring goes will the walbro 255 wire right in? or will I need to run additional/other wiring? Would I also need any additional hardware etc? or is it a pretty straight forward swap. I see alot of people run the walbros on ls1/upgraded turbo motors or sr's rbs etc but I'm not sure if it would overflow the stock motor (Not that my motor is stock its a 83 f54 p79 with a small cam).

Any input would be really appreciated!

Also anyone know any good Z shops in or around Massachusetts? It would be nice to know of a good place that I can bring my car to when worse comes to worse.



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As far as the wiring goes, I'd use the existing fuel pump wires to trigger a relay and I'd run a new power line from battery to relay to fuel pump.

I don't think that you need to replace the stock FPR at this moment, the current pressure regulator should do fine. *Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong.*

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So I got my fuel pump over the weekend, I'm going to install it over the next few days but quick question first. People who installed a aftermarket fuel pump while still keeping the original fuel tank, did you guys setup a pre fuel pump filter/screen like the old stock pump had? The previous owner said the owner before him had boiled and cleaned the tank but I can't check that and I'm paranoid if I don't run a pre screen/filter I'll ruin my brand new $100 pump. The stock fuel pump had the screen built into it so I can't use that, what fuel filter/setup did people use if they did run a pre pump filter? Any and all recommendations and info appreciated. Should I even run a pre fuel pump fuel filter? I have a walbro 255 gsl392

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