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c210 bits wanted / l24et engine for sale


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hay guys chasing some bits for a project ive got

to suit 2 door c210, good condition parts

tailshaft (auto and manual are the same yeah?)

pair of doors rust free with original locks and latches in good nick.. good luck I know, alternatively a pair of locks and a passenger side latch assembly

boot lid striker (bit on the lid the latch clicks on to)

rear drivers side seat belt

roof light console thing

manual gear shifter boot

headlight surrounds and grill

good l24 engine with manifolds ect, box and flywheel

if you have any of this $^!# laying around let me know. Im not in a huge rush to buy though.

I have a L24 engine with a N47 head, oil return on the sump, water line fitting, and a banjo bolt oil line in the sump plug. its had a freshened up head and a new gasket but was blowing smoke apparently.. suit rebuild I spose. has a dizzy with new leads and some other bits hanging off it. no manifolds

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Door Locks are still available from nissan, and i believe they can even supply the ones that belong to your car with A new Key, They need your Vin or Key No.

I think 180B sedan/Coupe Rear seat Belts are the Same.

And head light Surrounds? the ones that clip the actual round Semi Sealed Fittings in? the Aluminum Ones? I have some 240k c110 ones, brand new..... They may suit but not shore

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interesting about the locks.. will look into it. but the holes for the locks on the doors are half fecked cause someone has tried and failed to fit aftermarket locks. but the passenger side latch is broken and the shells are rusty in the corners so its going to be easier to find a better pair of doors

headlight surrounds are separate from the grill on c210.. look like this.


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Your profile doesn't say where you are, but If you're in sydney try Carlos Casmiri at sportsclassic. I spoke with him this morning and he mentioned that he either had or was about to get a C210 Coupe.

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