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Fuel tank sludge

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Because the car in question was fuel injected and ended up with carbs on it to try and solve the problem, I decided to list this under "misc.".

Here's the short version. The fault was traced to a fuel tank that had a layer of brown when-wet / tan when-dry sludge covering the entire interior of the tank. They cut the top out of the tank and there it was, covering the bottom, sides and top of the tank. The owner took it home and cleaned the gunk out with a putty knife and a Dremel in the tight places and brought it back to the shop to be welded back together. The thing that amazed everyone was the fact that the interior of the tank looked brand new. It was bright silver with a tiny bit of a rusty looking discoloration.

Even though I did not see this tank when it was opened up, I've seen the sludge in the float bowl of a down draft carb on a 510 wagon and another of our friends fought an accumulation of the stuff after he'd gotten a Roadster back on the road. New fuel filters, according to the owner, are an expensive way to collect this stuff......

My question to all of you is "Have any of you heard of, or seen, any fibrous / silty looking collection in a gas tank"?

I keep mentioning to Steve that we should produce a "chase your gamey old fuel system" video for these cars that have sat for extended periods.

Just curious what the collective experience is.

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