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!weird cliking noise at in the injectors!


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i just replaced the flowmeter and battery after doing that the injectors would start clicking when the switch was in ON.before the car was turning on but would shut down fast, someone told me that it might be the flowmeter so i changed it.i recently came back from vacation and the first day back was the day i changed them. this wasn't happening before,also i heard it raind a lot and i think my xr7000 might of got wet. has anyone had this problem or have an idea what could it be.also the distributor gives spark while the switch is in ON.

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it is normal for the injectors to click. thats just the sound of them opening and closing.
Not before the car is cranking or actually running. There shouldn't be an injector pulse of any kind until the engine is spinning. I can't offer a possible cause but I think it would have to have something to do with that aftermarket ignition. I've never experienced that with a stock setup.
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