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Another Fusible Link Conversion


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Hey everybody, Rockr69 here with yet another type of fusible link conversion. The donor car is an 86 Maxima (trying to keep it in the family) I found while cruising my local pull and save. I know its not a maxi fuse type of box, but it works for me and I got a bunch of extra links while i was there. Not that i think I should need them, but who knows?:) Any way here are the pics. What I really like about this conversion is that it ended up looking bone stock!

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Looks nice, Rockr69. Please let us know the outcome.

As a thought for safety, you may wish to consider getting the proper battery hold-down rig. The bungee cord won't help much in a rough situation, and if that positive post makes contact with your body you'll have a mess to contend with that a fusible link will not even begin to remedy. A mini China Syndrome is only a bad bump away.

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thanks for the advice. have yet to find battery tiedown but am looking. fusible link is for fuel injection so wouldn't help anyway:surprised. The fusible link block has worked wonders I finally have all the power getting to all the systems properly. I've got more power, lights are brighter, wipers aren't slow anymore and the voltmeter doesn't erratically move between 13 and 16volts. All is great!

If you have any info on the proper tie down for the battery I'd be appreciatin' it. Plus I have to fix the rust that 31 years of leaking battery acid has graciously bestowed upon my poor Z's battery tray. So far the bungee is doin fine. Dan

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