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Blower motor to switch wiring (1973)


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I have searched all over for the blower motor to switch wiring harness jumper . My manuals do not cover it or any thing Ive come across .

I've replaced the entire loom , rebuilt the combination switch (signal & wiper),

added headlight relay, electric cooling fan & relay , etc. The problem is the used loom is missing the jumper (6 blade to 6 blade + ?) from motor to switch.

I would really appreciate a diagram , picture , or schematic that details it out for me !

Thanks in advance for your time.


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I'm guessing the car is not air conditioned.

I just happen to have a '73 blower motor on my 'puter desk as we speak:rolleyes:

It is a 6 pin plug but it only uses 4 pins

1. RED is the +ve supply to the blower via a 30A fuse.

2. YELLOW is the HIGH fan speed wire, connects to the BLACK wire at the motor resistor pack [ground side of the blower motor].

3. GREEN wire is the MEDIUM fan speed wire, connects to the mid-point of the resistor.

4. WHITE wire is the LOW fan speed wire, connects the the end of the resistor.

Hopefully, you can now cross reference these wire functions to the connector at the switch.

[THAT piece of my Z could be ANYWHERE:surprised]

Pics. attached hopefully show some detail: -

[if you need bigger pics. let me know.]




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