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antenna mast


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i need to remove and replace the antenna mast on my 1973 240z.

first i need to remove it.

ive removed the bolt but failed to remove the antenna itself.

ive read a section in how to restore your 240z, but it shows how to remove motor but my motor is working fine.

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Firstly, my apologies to the more experienced hands/people for offering advice.

I have had to remove the mast on my 1973 Fairlady 240Z recently. Firstly you need to remove the rear and left side plastic panels from inside the car. Remove the plastic retainer clips from the panels first. You will have to retrieve the centre pins if yours are original clips. Remove the rear panel first

The left one will be more easily removed if you support the hatch/tailgate (I rested it on my shoulder) and remove the gas strut at the lower bolt. This will make it easier to remove the plastic trim with less risk of damage. As soon as the plastic trim is removed, reinstall the gas strut securely!!

You will the see the full body of the Antenna mounted inside the rear quarter panel. Undo and remove the external hardware first, then the two wires connected for power. Then remove the two screws holding the antenna at the base. As you remove the complete unit, carefully remove the black drain tube from the grommet in the well below the motor.

Once Antenna is removed then remove the cover over the mast cable and the split pin holding the cable to the drive mechanism. To remove the steel mast remove the two screws on the lower part of the mast "shroud".

Hopefully you now have the unit apart. The next step is to find a replacement mast. I haven't been able to do that. I thought of plastic welding the old cable, but that cannot be done!!

Good luck - especially finding the new mast!! Hope this is of some help.

Regards from Australia, Jack

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