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78 280Z Gauge Problems

last son kal-el

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This is my second question in this forum. Last one was answered quickly and pointed me in the right direction. I'm hopig for the same. The following gauges do not work. Fuel, Oil Pressure, Temperature. Volt/Charge and clock work fine. Where do I start. Let me state that I recently purchased a new Haynes manual and I would need a 100 power magnifying glass to read the wiring diagram. Any starting points? Fuel light will come on when I'm low.

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O.K. I'm a novice when it comes to wiring. I looked in engine compartment I think I've found the relay area, shouldn't the fusible links be attached to the cover. If so I do not see mine in that location. I've found 2 connectors, but I think it's for the fuel injection. When I disconnected 1 of the them the car would not start. Does anyone have a picture of the exact location for the fusible links?

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Well, I've found the fusible links. They were under the relay cover, not attached to it. Is it standard to have these items crimped together, in a loop? Or should there be a way to remove link if bad? By the way while looking for the fusible links I found my heater/defroster vacuum line disconnected. All is well now with that issue. But I still have a problem with the gauges. So the battle continues....

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