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New water pump bolts


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I am about to replace my water pump due to a JTR radiator change :) and while I'm all apart and drained I figured just replace the water pump at the same time. ( I hope for no broken bolts :dead: )

Where can I get some new bolts for this project? I know nissan will have them but I want something stainless. Could I just stop by the local Home Depot and pick up some there or should I order some. If so where should I order these from?


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You can try http://www.zcarcreations.com/ they don't list any water pump bolts but a phone call might get you a step closer.

FYI Home depot has very little to choose from when it comes to S/S. Especially metric. Try looking in your phone book for a place that specializes in bolts. And worse case scenario you replace with new oem from the dealer, use plenty of anti-seize on them threads.


Edit; use second link, first one doesn't work.

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FWIW, I have found a good selection of stainless hardware at(surprisingly enough) my local ACE hardware store. Another place you could try is www.westmarine.com. I used to work for them and because they are a marine parts outfit they have mucho stainless stuff. Look under fasteners. Hope this helps.


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