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planning on buying an 83 280z, bogs down when gas is pressed hard....


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like it says im looking at a 280z 1983, its got 118xxx on the clock and i want to know what you think the bogging prob is (injectors maybe) and what to check for on these cars before buying them, im a rx7club frequent, dunno if theres some untold rivalry or what not, but i havent heard of you guys there so go easy on me. im not familiar with piston engines, ill say that now, ive always owned a rotary, dunno why i just like em, but still always wanted a datsun. so let me know what you think and heres a pic of my rex too (for good measure)...


im looking forward to restoring this z car help me out! please!

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also what kinda price range should i be looking at, the bodys pretty strait alot of oxydation and a bunch of small hail kinda dents but nothing big. origional rims in good shape interior is decent(black and tan) kinda taken apart, but most stuff is there. the engine bay is pretty rusty. its a t-top and has a turbo hood?( its got 2 vents in it and the drivers side has a small scoop behind the vent), but i saw no turbo or intercooler.

how much do you guys think i should expect? some old lady owns it and its got a clean title too.

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